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Advanced Stakeholder Management - Becoming a More Influential Leader

by Robin Jacobs

Languages: English

Price (from): €1,200 / day

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About the trainer:

Robin is a ‘go to’ expert on all aspects of designing and implementing full cycle, strategic, talent management system, change management processes and leadership development.

As a qualified and experienced psychologist, he understands the critical nature that talent processes, change management and leadership can play in either underpinning or undermining business success and growth.

His psychological knowledge and insight about people and building relationships combined with his understanding of the commercial imperatives of managing large, growing businesses enables him to partner with senior people in the design and management of talent development strategies that can support and  drive business success


  • Talent Management Design –  Leading projects from start to finish including all aspects of the talent cycle.
  • Leadership Development – Designing and delivering pan European and global programmes for senior, C suite teams
  • The strategy led, culture change – Supporting clients in clarifying business strategy and identifying and managing  the cultural change necessary to successfully implement a strategy
  • Succession Planning – Designing, implementing and managing corporate-wide programmes aimed at increasing engagement and reducing recruitment costs.
  • Executive Coaching – As a  qualified executive coach delivering literally hundreds of programmes to a wide range of senior people. Also, designing and implementing internal, coaching skills programmes



  • PhD – Applied Psychology – Cranfield University
  • MSc – Human Resources Management
  • BSc – Development Economics
  • Associate Fellow- British Psychological Society

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Advanced Stakeholder Management - Becoming a More Influential Leader by Robin Jacobs

About the training

#stakeholder management

Businesses increasingly have to adapt themselves to exponential levels of change in the world today. They usually restructure to become flatter, more efficient and nimble. One of the unforeseen consequences of this is that relationship building and communication, both inside and outside the business, become more ambiguous and complex, Whether it be matrix management, temporary project teams, managing remotely, online social network marketing and so on; we have to relate to each other in a very different ways from the predictable, hierarchical structures of the past. Then, we mostly knew where we stood, who did what and how to get things done; the map was reasonably clear. Now its much more dynamic and unpredictable. Change happens on an almost day- to –day and exponential basis. So we need to take a fresh look at how we get things done, who’s involved and how we build reliable, effective relationships with them – a distinctive leadership skill called stakeholder management. This two day course is aimed at senior leaders and managers who want to understand how and why some people rise to the most senior positions in their organisations and why other, equally capable people don’t achieve their ambitions in the same way. Research suggests that the answer lies in this particular leadership skill. For a few of the most successful leaders, it is often a natural, innate quality but for most of us it has to be learned. This course will provide you with all the practical techneques and tools that you need to identify, manage and be able to influence your key stakeholders more effectively and so achieve your personal goals and objectives. It will also raise your personal awareness about who you are along with the people you interact with. This, will in turn, ‘fast track’ your ability to become more influential as a leader. It does this by getting you to change what isn’t working well for you and you don’t like as well as learning to work more on what you do really well.

Learning outcomes

Managing your key stakeholders

Understand that managing your key stakeholders requires you to first become more personally effective.

Personal effectiveness

Recognise that ’unconscious’ or natural stakeholder management is actually what makes top people successful today and that your level of personal effectiveness is a key building block in managing your stakeholders successfully.

Influence map

Create your own influence map to identify your own much less obvious stakeholders

Negotiation skills

Build your negotiation skills to get more of what you need from others to be successful in your business


  • Understanding the fundamentals of stakeholder management

  • Stakeholder Planning

  • Social network analysis – Identifying your less obvious stakeholders

  • Building on the foundation – improving your personal effectiveness (PE)

  • Why is PE so critically important to today’s successful business?

  • The importance of negotiation skills in stakeholder management

  • Applying your stakeholder engagement skills in practice – a critical example – project management

  • The project management example – case study

  • The art of positive political values in business

  • Creating your stakeholder communication plan

Main benefits

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