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Managing Your Executive Stress

by Robin Jacobs

Languages: English

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Managing Your Executive Stress by Robin Jacobs

About the training

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Businesses increasingly have to adapt themselves to exponential levels of change in the world today. The impact on those responsible for managing today’s businesses – executives - is immense. Increasing levels of data to process, faster decision making, long hours, needing to operate simultaneously at both a strategic and tactical levels, managing an increasingly well educated and demanding workforce and customer base; all combine to ramp up the pressure on executives to perform at levels beyond anything experienced by their predecessors. According to research, part of the reason for continually increasing levels of executive stress is that we mostly try to deal with the symptoms; we don’t address the psychological causes, which of course go much deeper. This course will take a more serious approach to the whole subject by delving into the psychological causes of stress and how to address them. Based on the most up to date research on the subject, it will provide delegates with insight into the likely causes of their own stress as well as suggest practical techniques and tools that they will need to reduce their stress successfully in the long term.

Learning outcomes

Psychological causes of your stress

Improving your understanding of the real psychological causes of your stress by providing insight into personality types and the personal characteristics of them that are most likely to result in stress

What stress is

Getting a clear view of what stress is and what its impact on executive performance is likely to be if it is not reduced


Identifying the symptoms of stressful behaviour at work

Stress reduction

Acquiring the most effective stress reduction techniques


  • An introduction to stress and its impact at work - types, effects and the impact of stress

  • The causes of stress and its effects on us

  • The best ways of reducing the impact of stress

  • Personality types and their typical stressors – introducing the psychology of stress

  • The nine, key stress questions – ‘In the Grip.’

  • Being in the Grip of your shadow side

  • Developing stress reduction corporate policy plans

  • Drafting Your Personal Stress Reduction Action Plan

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