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Customer Service

by Rowena Khanna

Languages: English

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About the trainer:

I'm a facilitator, coach and psychotherapist who is passionate about supporting women, diversity and deep internal transformation that leads to real change. My career path has taken me around the world working with teams and individuals at all levels in organisations facilitating transformational change events and leadership/management development workshops. So, 25 years later, still very much involved in these kinds of programmes I have developed some unusual specialist areas.


I love creating bespoke leadership development workshops that are aligned with leadership capabilities such as resilience, authentic leadership, women in leadership and leading with emotional intelligence. I love exploring behaviour and how to influence performance through learning interventions that really engage from the top down and inspire people to think and behave in a new way. I have a passion for coaching and supporting people to show up and be themselves more fully at work.


I'm told I bring an unusual depth to the work that I do. I've spent 7 years studying and practising psychotherapy which I believe has made me a better facilitator and human being. It has equipped me to deal with some of the more challenging things that one encounters in organisations and with the skills to support others to handle relational wounding, dysfunction and the things many people avoid. I aspire to live my values and embody the things I talk about and it hasn't been easy to get there, so a lot of the work that I do is supporting people to craft their own character, face themselves honestly and work on themselves from the inside out.


I love to balance my time between design and delivery of workshops and regular one-to-one work on-line or face-to-face. Everything I do, I do from the heart, with integrity and I give it my all.


Additional Events

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Personal impact and confidence

  • Assertiveness

  • Train-the-trainer

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Management skills for administrative professionals


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Customer Service by Rowena Khanna

About the training

#customerserviceinsight   #humanservice   #engagement   #makersandbreakersofcustomerexperience   #usingcustomerdata

In the current climate customers are becoming more discerning and are looking beyond service for memorable interactions and experiences. This engaging course is designed to give professionals the behavioural and delivery tools to provide exceptional internal and external customer experiences across your organisation. Aim: To enable you to have the necessary service skills to optimize every customer contact and improving the overall customer experience. (1-3 days)

Learning outcomes

Deliver great customer service

Understand the Service Value model and the mindset, skills and behaviours required to deliver great service to our customers

Understand customers

Listen and engage with customer service users to understand their changing needs and how change impacts on them

More focus in customer service

Listen and engage with customer service users to understand their changing needs and how change impacts on them

Master communication styles

Connect with different customer profiles through adapting their communication style

Identify trends and improve services

Review customer service metrics, systems and processes and customer information to identify trends and ways to improve services

Create action plan

Create a 6-month action plan for driving improvements across our services


  • Welcome and introductions

  • The Service Value Chain

  • Delivering a ‘human’ service – how to coach our teams

  • Showing up for customers and engaging directly

  • Customer touch points – makers and breakers activity

  • Service metrics activity – improving our systems and processes

  • 6 month action planning

Main benefits

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  • #Fast and cheap
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