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Sascha Siegmund

Languages: English, Dutch

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The Resource map: Discovering your personal strengths and use them effectively Leadership, Soft Skills beginner

During the last 20 years, of which 15 years abroad (France, Belgium, Netherlands, and China), in different sectors (International Finance, Insurance, Renewable Energies) and roles (Event Account Management, Compliance) allowed Sascha to gain a plentitude of experience and insights In the process, he realized how strongly individual and corporate success is depending on the human factor . In 2016 he decided to share his expertise in the form of coaching and training with individuals and Training and works on topics such as leadership development, individual personal development coaching and organizational development (Agile mindset, self-organizing teams, New Work and Work Culture), Resilience & Stress Management with great enthusiasm. Authenticity, humor, and openness characterize his work and personality.