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The Resource map: Discovering your personal strengths and use them effectively

by Sascha Siegmund

Languages: English, Dutch

Price (from): €2,400 / day

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About the trainer:

During the last 20 years, of which 15 years abroad (France, Belgium, Netherlands, and China), in different sectors (International Finance, Insurance, Renewable Energies) and roles (Event Account Management, Compliance) allowed Sascha to gain a plentitude of experience and insights In the process, he realized how strongly individual and corporate success is depending on the human factor . In 2016 he decided to share his expertise in the form of coaching and training with individuals and Training and works on topics such as leadership development, individual personal development coaching and organizational development (Agile mindset, self-organizing teams, New Work and Work Culture), Resilience & Stress Management with great enthusiasm. Authenticity, humor, and openness characterize his work and personality.


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The Resource map: Discovering your personal strengths and use them effectively by Sascha Siegmund

About the training

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This training supports you in your professional development by identifying and reflecting your personal strengths and inner resources. The more you recognize your strengths, the values that drive you and the image you give to others, the better you can become a conscious shaper of your professional development. A clear picture of your strengths increases your personal effectiveness, flexibility, promotes motivational competence and helps to make change situations more targeted.


Trainer input, group work, creative moderation, discussion and idea generation, tests and checklists, exercises, relaxation exercises.

Personal coaching on your resources and strengths based on your personality profile by a coach (45 min.).

Learning outcomes


Recognize your strengths, abilities, and values; Recognize how you can use your strengths in a goal-oriented way to consciously shape


Personal and professional development; Recognize your inner motivators and drivers


Learn how you affect others; Increase your flexibility and change competence


Receive personal coaching on your strengths and resources; BIP-evaluation booklet with profiling


  • Self-assessment and self-reflection of your own strengths

  • Reflection of the behaviour in the group and comparison of the self-image and the image of others

  • Recognizing own values and inner motivators

  • Increasing flexibility and change competence

  • Translation of strengths and abilities into the professional environment

  • Compilation and evaluation of a personal profile of the essential job-relevant talents and resources (Bochum Inventory for job-related personality description - BIP)*

  • Personal individual coaching on your resources and strengths based on the personality profile by a professional coach.*

  • *Optional but recommended. The costs of the test are in addition to the training fees. The coaching is included.

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