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Employer Branding for Commercial Advantage

by Scott Hutchinson

Languages: English

Price (from): €1,102 / day

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About the trainer:

Scott Hutchinson is a fully qualified international consultant, coach, trainer, and mentor, trained by the modern leaders in coaching, Performance Consultants International. Currently advising on recruitment/talent management across several sectors, including professional services, technology, oil and FMCG manufacturing, with diverse clients including Coca Cola and Informa Middle East.

Twenty years finding leaders for the UK Consumer Sector including 75 of the UK’s Top 100 Consumer companies. Worked for International Headhunting Firms (TMP Worldwide) as well as having his own award-winning recruitment businesses. 

An exponent of the value of "marginal gains" and the GROW model of coaching.  Both used extensively and successfully throughout a consulting, coaching and training career. Scott is fascinated by what makes people excel, about why some teams and individuals achieve more and (more importantly) how they do it. Obsessed with staff retention, effective team building, and leadership.


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Employer Branding for Commercial Advantage by Scott Hutchinson

About the training

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With increased global competition for the best talent, the world’s leading employers are now making employer branding a top priority. Soon every company will be on Glassdoor, which will show your employer brand rating to the world. Will Stanley, formerly head of global recruiting at Glassdoor says “Everything a candidate has ever heard, read or witnessed about your company will enter into the decision of whether to work with you. A great Employer Brand has never been more important - it also makes absolute financial sense. According to LinkedIn, companies with a strong employer brand experience a “43% decrease in the cost per hire” and a “20% increase in the rate of hire”. LinkedIn also found that a bad reputation could cost a company with 1000 employees $7.6m in additional wages.

Learning outcomes

Strong Employee Brand

The financial case for a strong employee brand

Organization as a great place

Strategy to present your organization as a great place to work and how to raise awareness and open the door for employment discussions

Communicate the values

How to communicate the values, experiences, goals and “personality” of your company in an authentic way, so you don’t lose talent to others who are doing it better

Measure the ROI

How to measure the ROI of a great employee brand – measuring brand metrics into Quality of hire, time to hire, cost per hire.


  • Day One: Introductions & Scene Setting

  • Why talent is important

  • An Exploration of “The War For Talent”

  • The Impact of Employer Brand

  • Exploration of great employer brand examples

  • Monitor, Measure and Manage

  • Day Two: Strategy

  • Who does what?

  • Do’s and don’ts

  • Quick Wins

  • The Role of HR

  • Creating & Presenting

  • Presenting

  • Getting Social

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