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Talent Acquisition & Recruitment (HR)

by Scott Hutchinson

Languages: English

Price (from): €1,102 / day

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About the trainer:

Scott Hutchinson is a fully qualified international consultant, coach, trainer, and mentor, trained by the modern leaders in coaching, Performance Consultants International. Currently advising on recruitment/talent management across several sectors, including professional services, technology, oil and FMCG manufacturing, with diverse clients including Coca Cola and Informa Middle East.

Twenty years finding leaders for the UK Consumer Sector including 75 of the UK’s Top 100 Consumer companies. Worked for International Headhunting Firms (TMP Worldwide) as well as having his own award-winning recruitment businesses. 

An exponent of the value of "marginal gains" and the GROW model of coaching.  Both used extensively and successfully throughout a consulting, coaching and training career. Scott is fascinated by what makes people excel, about why some teams and individuals achieve more and (more importantly) how they do it. Obsessed with staff retention, effective team building, and leadership.


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Talent Acquisition & Recruitment (HR) by Scott Hutchinson

About the training

#talentaquisition   #recruitmentmasterclass   #hiringexcellence

The war for talent has never been more important. This course has many practical aids that can be put to immediate use to find, attract and retain the people you need to make your business thrive. This course is designed to save you time and money in recruitment and hiring the right people.

Learning outcomes

Recruitment Excellence

How to recruit correctly, from beginning to end. A 360 approach to hiring excellence.

The rules of attraction

Learning the rules of attraction – making your business one that people wish to join.

Technology Advantages

Hiring using the latest technology at your disposal

Understanding Recruitment

Understanding the process of recruitment – the critical steps to take that will ensure a uniform professional process

Different Approaches

Secrets from the world’s greatest recruiters that will save you time and money

Assessment Tools

How to interview and assess correctly – from the simple interview to full assessment tools and technology that will reduce the risks of failure


  • Why Recruitment is so important

  • The Candidate Agenda

  • The Rules of Attraction

  • Creating a Brilliant Job Description

  • Effective Advertising

  • Introduction to Social Media

  • Preparing for Interview

  • Telephone Interviews

  • Asking the right questions

  • Testing Times

  • Analysis of the personality profiles

  • Interview Role Plays

  • Listening and Observing Skills

  • Successful Onboarding – Negotiation and influence

  • Action and Learning Roundup

Main benefits

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