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GDPR Training

by Simon Hinks

Languages: English

Price (from): €200 / day

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About the trainer:

He spent many years in Financial Services, roles included Head of Merchandising, Process Design, and CRM. Data Protection was always been on his agenda and since setting up his business fourteen years ago, he has worked across many different business sectors. For the last four years, he has been working solely on GDPR and its implementation into businesses. All my training can be delivered through Zoom to audiences large and small. When delivering training on-line I tend to break it down into 1 hour chunks with short breaks in between.


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GDPR Training by Simon Hinks

About the training

#Clarity of regulations   #GDPR

My training can be tailored to specific teams within a business as the impact of GDPR is slightly different i.e. for marketing I would spend more time talking about Consent and website Cookies.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) within the EU and or the UK

  1. GDPR for Marketing Teams
  2. GDPR for HR Teams
  3. GDPR for Healthcare
  4. GDPR for Charities
  5. GDPR for Car Retailers
  6. GDPR Friend or Foe (beginners)
  7. GDPR Friend or Foe (intermediary)
  8. GDPR Friend or Foe (advanced)
  9. GDPR for University Academics
  10. GDPR for University Research Academics
  11. GDPR for Schools both primary and secondary
  12. GDPR for Manufacturers
  13. General GDPR training for SME's

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) outside the EU

  1. GDPR for businesses outside of the EU selling products/services to EU citizens
  2. GDPR around the world, it’s impact and how to work within it


The training has been developed to ensure teams within the business understand the impact on their day-to-day roles and how they can contribute to the overall compliance of the regulation within their business.

Learning outcomes


Staff will understand how data should be managed and looked after within their business.


The impact of breaches and potential fines.

Customer rights

Understanding the rights of customers and what it means to the business.

Controller v Processor

Which are you and what does it mean.


  • Aims and history of the GDPR

  • The Information Commissioner’s Office

  • Changes to data protection law

  • Fines

  • Cyber security

  • Data protection terminology

  • The principles of data protection

  • Different lawful processing reasons

  • Processing sensitive personal data

  • Performance of a contract

  • Legitimate Interest

  • Obtaining consent

  • Methods for obtaining consent

  • Right to withdraw consent

  • Consent to transfer data outside the EEA

  • Existing consent

  • Data Subject rights

  • Who is a Controller?

  • Controller obligations

  • Data security

  • Reporting breaches

  • Processor obligations

  • Cross-border data transfer

Main benefits

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  • #Highest level of proficiency

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