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Motivation through Personality and Change

by Simon Holmes

Languages: German, English

Price (from): €1,500 / day

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About the trainer:

A chemist with over 35 years in international sales and business development in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Highly international having lived and worked in the UK, Germany, and the USA and bilingual in English and German. An ability to understand both technical and commercial business factors, often bridging the gap between commercial and technical personnel. A true alchemist combining chemistry, philosophy, and arts to form a perfect combination of enjoyable, entertaining learning.


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Motivation through Personality and Change by Simon Holmes

About the training

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A new look at an old subject.

Motivation is the key to success, without motivation things just don’t get done. Learn about what motivates us with examples of people who have been motivated through the hardest of situations. It looks are the importance of keeping a positive mindset and teaches how to recognize talents and achievements. It looks at “scripts”, beliefs we had learned from an early age and how to determine those that are positive and those that are negative.

Personalities can work with or against each other, but it is important to have a good mix in a team. It teaches about different personality types and their different styles and preferred types of work.

Finally, it enters the world of science and looks at the gravitational pull of planets, chemical energy of reaction and Newton’s laws of motion in relation to dealing with our change and motivation.

Learning outcomes


Learn how to stay motivated and how to deal with rejection.


Develop a positive outlook and recognize talents and achievements.


Deal with “scripts”, long-held beliefs will little basis and with different personalities.


Basic scientific laws applied to our behaviour.


  • 1. Introduction

  • 2. Motivation

  • Why we need motivation and what motivates us.

  • Examples of highly motivated people – Adventurers, Inventors, Politicians, etc.

  • How to deal with rejection.

  • The story of a Scottish king.

  • 3. Positive Thinking

  • How to use positive thoughts as a tool and override negative thoughts.

  • The effects of positive thoughts.

  • What am I thankful for? What talents do I have?

  • 4. Beliefs /Scripts

  • “Scripts” – Hard wired in our brain, beliefs from an early age.

  • How what we have learnt early in life influences our successes and failures.

  • The story of an elephant.

  • 5. Personality Factors

  • Typical personality factors of successful people

  • An introduction to personality factors, Myers Briggs, DISC(G)

  • 6. Adventures in Science- Outside the Box

  • Leaving the comfort zone.

  • Gravitational pull – The Langange Point.

  • We need chemical change, not physical change – No going back.

  • Sir Isaac Newton, the 3 laws applied to business

  • 7. Wrap up

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