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Simona Caranda

Languages: English, Romanian

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Training Category Levels
The Wellbeing Project Soft Skills beginner

I am passionate about working with people, in the training/workshops and team coaching sessions that I facilitate. My main goal is to support their continuous development and help them reach their full potential through useful, inspiring and customized learning journeys.

As a learning and development consultant and trainer, the soft skills training and workshops that I design and deliver, approach a variety of themes: wellbeing, emotional intelligence, self-sabotaging mechanisms, communication, solution-focused coaching, conflict management, building results, persuasion and strategic dialogue, presentation skills.

As a psychotherapist, I provide a safe, supportive environment, and I structure and facilitate the sessions according to the client`s needs and concerns. My professional training and certifications are brief solution-focused counseling/coaching and psychotherapies, experiential psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, Brain-Based Coaching.

Clients: Nestle, Danone, Friesland Campina, Deichmann, Johnson&Johnson, Roche, Vodafone, Pirelli, Prysmian, Microsoft, Optymyze, OMV, Total, Emag, PRO TV, Honeywell, Engie, Enel, Metlife, Sodexo, City Grill, Lagardere, Ro Meat, Ialprod International

Examples of partnerships and implemented projects in the organizational field:
Nestle – The wellbeing project
Danone – Cultural and emotional intelligence
Friesland Campina – Management essentials, Stakeholder management
Microsoft – Constructive communication (with SDI – Strengths Deployment Inventory)
OMV – Team coaching – Leveraging collaboration within the team
PRO TV – Team coaching – Develop a solution-focused approach
Emag – Team coaching – From vision to action
City grill – Constructive communication
Sodexo – Developing trust within the team
Total – Agile leadership
Vodafone – Change & Innovation
Johnson&Johnson – Time management, Team coaching sessions
Roche – Strategy building workshop
Prysmian – Time management
Pirelli – Conflict management
Honeywell – Emotional intelligence, Train of trainers
Deichmann – Customer service, Coordination abilities for Deichmann assistants
Metropolitan Life – Customer service, Workload management
Engine – Presentation skills, Persuasive communication
Enel – Building results, Conflict management, Stress management