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Setting up the stage for innovation - for Human Resources

by Snjezana Slabek

Languages: English, Croatian

Price (from): €1,000 / day

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About the trainer:

“The only real problem in life is what to do next.” – Arthur C. Clarke Above all, I like to help people and organizations to move and shake their old ways in order to transform and survive in the digital era!


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Setting up the stage for innovation - for Human Resources by Snjezana Slabek

About the training

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An innovation culture is a strategic imperative in the digital age. Get ready in time!
Learn a set of state-of-the-art tools, methods, and approaches that can help you to modify, accelerate and develop an innovation culture within your organization.

This 2-day workshop offers an award-winning, unique, holistic, and integrated approach Culture4Innovation to the development of organizational culture for innovation, and a system for managing ideas and innovations in organizations fully customized to the digital era.

Through four key modules in the 2-day workshop, you will learn how to build a successful innovation zone within your organization. You will make innovation fun and desirable, and you will strengthen and secure your market position in the long run.

You will be introduced to trends, types of innovation, strategy development, and organizational culture for innovation. Furthermore, you will have a better understanding of the importance of the existing subculture of innovators, and learn how to further motivate and direct them.

Through the open innovation concept, you will learn how to innovate in harmony with the community, and through design thinking and other creative techniques, you will learn how to effectively manage your creative potential. You will be introduced to a range of tools, models, and approaches that are used by the most successful and most innovative companies in the world!

You will make innovation fun and desirable, and you will strengthen and secure your market position in the long run.

The role of HR is key in this process, but it needs the support and alliance of other departments. HR of the digital age must understand the critical importance of innovation and support the organization in strengthening its creative and innovative capacity. The digital age requires the alliances of key departments in the organization such as Business Development, Marketing, R&D, and others to create an innovative culture.

Anyone who wants to create and develop systems for managing ideas and innovation in the organization is welcome to join. Welcome are board members, managers, team leaders, HR managers, and anyone else that in some way manages innovations in the organization, and wants to understand the key aspects of the successful functioning of the innovation system in the organization.

The program is designed based on the best world practice and the latest research on motivation, staff engagement, innovation models, approaches, processes, and innovative technologies. It is based on modern and successful world practice examples.

This training module will help you build your own “roadmap” for managing ideas and innovations. By the end of the workshop, you will learn how to integrate all the learned parts into a whole that will bring the greatest benefit to your organization.

The participants will work together through best practices and will go through the expertly designed innovation canvas and finally build their own innovation culture roadmap

Learning outcomes


You will be introduced to strategic approach development in managing ideas and innovations in the organization, learning to differentiate between the types and levels of innovation. They will learn the basic elements for building an organizational culture that fosters creativity and innovation, and will clearly learn the main features of leadership that motivate and guide the staff towards building an innovative culture.


You will be introduced to the concept of innovator subculture; you will learn how to recognize, guide, and reward their creative staff, and how to build an innovation zone in the organization - a space for innovation for anyone who's interested, not just for the R&D. By learning about the open innovation concept and methods, you will learn how to open up to the community and include it in joint innovation.


You will be introduced to design thinking and other creative methods for managing creative potential, both personal and organizational.


Build a great plan - a roadmap for implementation of innovation strategy and development of innovation culture.


  • Types and kinds of innovations

  • Disruptive innovations

  • Business models innovation – Culture4Innovation business canvas

  • Strategic approach to system building innovation process

  • Creating an organisational culture for innovation

  • The role of HR

  • Motivation 3.0

  • Appreciative Inquiry approach

  • Storytelling

  • Leadership to encourage innovation

  • Main elements of organisational culture to foster creativity and innovation

  • Employee driven innovation

  • How to recognize and manage the innovator subculture?

  • Building an Innovation zone

  • Gamification, hackathons, clubs, garages, hubs

  • Collaboration and joint innovation

  • What is open innovation and how can it be implemented into an innovation system in the organisation?

  • Online collaboration with the community

  • Open innovation tools and methods

  • The importance of digital transformation for the organisation

  • Identifying the role and place of innovation transformation in digital transformation

  • Online tools for collaboration and joint innovation

  • Using design thinking for business innovation

  • Building a roadmap for the strategic development of innovation culture (in a group)

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