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by Srdjan Pavlovic

Languages: English, Serbian

Price (from): €1,500 / day

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About the trainer:

ICF ACC Certified business coach focused on business team coaching. Highly dynamic and motivated senior sales expert, with a positive attitude inspiring and coaching people toward great results. Proven ability to engage diverse team towards achieving common goals. Key topics: - Business coaching and team coaching - Experienced Telco expert (Retail & B2B) - Experienced Bank sales expert - International telco experience


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About the training

#Agile Leadership   #Agile   #Leadership   #Training

The business environment is increasingly complex and companies and
leaders are expected to deliver more innovative products and services
faster while preserving the core business and company culture

– How to quickly establish confidence in teams where fluctuations are
high How can you better understand customers
Why does each team member require a different approach

Learning outcomes

Agile leadership

Agile leadership is a program that aims to create awareness and insights into agile leadership thinking, business focuses and behaviors. It is based on practice, education, and interaction that develops agile leadership competencies and skills In this training, trainees are given a set of agile skills and tools to lead teams, manage themselves and change

Agile Basics

The emergence of agile philosophy, the structure and the culture of agile organizations Structures that support agile mode, the people the first principle and company metrics

Agile leadership tools

Agile team leadership requires, above all, an agile mindset, which distinguishes between an agile and a leader, as well as a fixed and growth mindset An agile leader understands all the benefits of agility and uses tools like Check-in, Five levels of responsibility, Empathy and active listening, Clean Feedback (Catlin Walker), the Coaching conversation

Agile leadership principles

An agile leader lives values and world-recognized principles of agile leadership, whose focus is change of thinking


  • Agile leadership

  • Agile Basics

  • Agile leadership tools

  • Agile leadership principles

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