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by Stefano Sarao

Languages: German, English, Italian

Price (from): €2,000 / day

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About the trainer:

My corporate career began in External Relations in the early Eighties but I soon moved into Sales and Marketing, where I was active for nearly 30 years (save for a 4-year stint in Recruitment and Selection). I held a number of senior management positions in Italy, UK, and Belgium until, in late 2009, I started my own business as a consultant and trainer working out of Milan, Italy. When choosing which subjects to cover, I have concentrated on my own areas of expertise, adding to the formal content of my training workshops a wealth of real-life stories and business cases in a variety of industries. I have facilitated workshops and corporate events in Italy, France, Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Czechia, Serbia, Hungary, South Africa, Tanzania, and the UAE.


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About the training

#Understanding what makes a leader   #Assessing your executive presence   #Using your personal power to the max   #How listening can make you a better leader   #Adding personal power to positional power

Leadership presence—also known as executive presence (EP)—has to do with the way you command attention and respect in a variety of contexts. It’s an integral part of your leadership power, but it has nothing to do with the degree of formal authority you carry, as it’s undoubtedly a soft skill—not a title. It consists of many facets, one of which is assertiveness, and is largely driven by your communication and people skills. During this action-packed 2-day workshop, we will establish a baseline for every participant’s leadership presence and work on enhancing it relentlessly. Come prepared for plenty of hard work, but you will be in a position to see the results already on Day 2.

Learning outcomes

Personal leadership brand

Developing your personal brand of leadership

Communication skills in leadership

Understanding the role of communication skills in leadership

Connecting and engaging

Connecting and engaging with others in a confident manner


Growing your assertiveness

Inspirational leader

Becoming an inspirational leader

Personal power

Bolstering your positional power with personal power

Active listening

Learning how to listen actively


  • Positional power vs. personal power

  • What makes a leader

  • The key factors of executive presence

  • Working on your voice (clarity, pitch and projection)

  • Working on your posture and eye contact

  • Understanding (and practicing) assertiveness

  • Active listening

Main benefits

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