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OPTIMIZING THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY (Other: Cross-functional Area)

by Stefano Sarao

Languages: German, English, Italian

Price (from): €2,000 / day

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About the trainer:

My corporate career began in External Relations in the early Eighties but I soon moved into Sales and Marketing, where I was active for nearly 30 years (save for a 4-year stint in Recruitment and Selection). I held a number of senior management positions in Italy, UK, and Belgium until, in late 2009, I started my own business as a consultant and trainer working out of Milan, Italy. When choosing which subjects to cover, I have concentrated on my own areas of expertise, adding to the formal content of my training workshops a wealth of real-life stories and business cases in a variety of industries. I have facilitated workshops and corporate events in Italy, France, Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Czechia, Serbia, Hungary, South Africa, Tanzania, and the UAE.


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OPTIMIZING THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY (Other: Cross-functional Area) by Stefano Sarao

About the training

#Understanding the customer’s viewpoint   #Assessing the effectiveness of your customer interactions   #Delivering customer value through NPS   #How NPS can improve your customer’s journey   #Achieving excellent Customer Lifetimes

The Customer Journey is a finite series of interactions between your customer and representatives of your company, which will ultimately define the degree of customer loyalty you have earned and the word-of-mouth advertising you are likely to get. Optimizing the customer journey (or journeys, if the relationship is complex) will generate greater advocacy on the customers’ part and help reduce attrition. We will cover the general concept and operation of CRM systems and look at the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a management tool that allows you to gauge customer satisfaction and pinpoint weak areas in your organization. This 2-day training is extremely interactive and based on real-life examples. We will learn how to map the customer journey in different types of organizations and identify the critical ‘touchpoints’ you will need to monitor closely.

Learning outcomes

Customer-centric sales methodology

Developing a customer-centric sales methodology

Customer Experience (CX)

Understanding the importance of Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Journey

Mapping the Customer Journey to identify any weaknesses

Vision of the solution

Assisting customers in developing a vision of the solution

NPS tool

Becoming familiar with the NPS tool

Internal communication

Why changing your internal communication processes may become a must


  • The history of CRM and do you need one?

  • Moments of Truth

  • Customer-focused vs. In-focused organizations

  • Why the Customer Journey affects everyone in your organization

  • What is NPS

  • How NPS can optimize your customer’s journey

  • From Customer Journey to Customer Lifetime

Main benefits

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