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Essential Management Skills Programme (5 Day)

by Stuart Maddocks

Languages: English

Price (from): €15,000 / day

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About the trainer:

Stuart is focused on helping businesses and organisations, business owners, management and leadership teams within organisations of all sizes, by equipping their staff, at all levels - with the skills, attitudes and behaviours to flourish professionally, commercially and personally.

Stuart has a vast wealth of experience as a Trainer, Mentor and coach, with special areas of interest covering all aspects of Leadership and Management, sales, business growth, and Business Model prototyping for Innovation and competitive market advantage.

Stuart brings with him nearly 20 years of consulting and executive coaching experience. Prior to joining Clemorton he spent nearly 10 years in senior management roles within Large international companies – allowing him to understand the difficulties of leading and working in complex high-performance environments.

Stuart has consulted Internationally for many organisations, most recently for the likes of; Oracle, Google, Swissport , DHL, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, Lufthansa, British Gas, Sanofi, The British Government and the National Health Service.

Stuart also lectures extensively on matters relating to Management and Leadership, Change, Negotiation and Business Growth at University College London and The University of Sussex in The United Kingdom. He also holds an Honorary Research Position at University College London. Stuart was recently Programme Lead for the UK Government Growth Programme for High Growth Businesses in the UK, and has operated with many start-ups and scale-ups within the London and UK ecosystem.

I have a passion for developing and supporting businesses and individuals at all stages of their growth and their career, which is fulfilled by working at a strategic and operational level within both of these great organisations. 

His company, Clemorton primarily helps businesses across all sectors to become more effective through developing their Senior Leadership, sales teams and management populations – making them better equipped to handle the challenges that come their way. From Strategic Planning, Decision Making, Negotiation and Sales, Change Management and operational leadership; their experience in working in partnership with large and small organisations allows them to blend theory and practice seamlessly to give groups and individuals different ways of working to increase results and overall staff satisfaction.

They have worked globally with over 500 organisations in more than 30 countries in the last 18 years and have collectively helped to develop well over 100,000 leaders and innovators during that time.

My career has led me into various senior leadership roles across different industries commercially. And it is this experience which always ensures that I align training with organisational Vision, values, mission and aims to ensure that I help you to achieve your goals. Get in touch and see how I can help you.



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Essential Management Skills Programme (5 Day) by Stuart Maddocks

About the training

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Essential Management Skills Programme (EMSP)

EMSP – Essential Management Skills Programme

This programme is designed to give supervisors and managers key learning and new skills, which will enable them to improve and continue to drive performance through people with the overall aim of helping them to engage more effectively with their teams and colleagues. Also to enhance managers & supervisors people skills and performance management capabilities.

In other words, to “get the job done” through willing commitment of individuals. The style of training is very much interactive and practical – allowing rapid and beneficial translation into the workplace.

It is important that a good baseline understanding of the skills of management and leadership, coupled to effective team working, make up the first two days.

This is important in order to assess a base line level of knowledge and skills from which to move forward. Understanding when to manage and when to lead can be crucial to success and this will be a focus for all who attend.


1. To raise levels of employee Motivation
2. To increase readiness of employees to accept change
3. To improve the quality of all managerial decisions
4. To develop team-work and morale
5. To further development of employees

The EMSP Programme is ideal for potential or new Supervisors and managers or those with experience but who have not had formal soft skills training. This is a 5 day, highly practical programme with certification from ILM on completion which can be branded with your company logo. The programme allows flexibility in module design and content which we will discuss with you. Key emphasis is on delegate completion of action plans for transfer of skills.

EMSP Managers programme DAY ONE


By the end of day one, each person will be able to:

  • Distinguish between leadership and management
  • Recognise their own leadership style
  • Identify and understand various approaches in leading others
  • Employ key competencies of visioning, aligning, delegation, motivating and inspiring others
  • Use the “Team leadership Compass” toolkit

EMSP Managers programme DAY TWO


By the end of day two, each person will be able to:

  • Recognise effective approaches to teamwork
  • Understand how teams develop
  • Use a Team Leadership template (toolkit) to diagnose and repair team faults and build effective teamwork principles
  • Recognise the need for collective problem solving and apply appropriate techniques
  • Develop people and Manage Performance – including under performance options and processes

EMSP Managers programme DAY THREE


By the end of day three, each person will be able to:

  • Recognise effective communication in the workplace
  • Understand Barriers to communication
  • Apply assertiveness techniques to create win/win communication and deal effectively with difficult behaviour
  • Use a template (toolkit) to manage difficult behaviour professionally
  • Understand the importance of feedback, (constructive challenge), as an integral part of communication for performance and motivation – making people accountable

EMSP Managers programme DAY FOUR


By the end of day Four, each person will have:

  • Explored and understood reasons for change
  • Become aware of the natural responses to change
  • Understood techniques for managing change at each stage of response
  • Identified ways of increasing efficiency & effectiveness through better time management
  • Ability to differentiate between the different demands on your time and set prioritise effectively.
  • Tools to be able to utilise time more effectively and understand common problems of time management.

EMSP Managers programme DAY FIVE


By the end of day Five, each person will have:

  • Participated in a range of exercises designed to test understanding of the first four days learning
  • Become aware of their natural strengths and areas for development
  • Completed a Personal Action Plan



  • Essential Management Skills Programme

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