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Susan Pheiffer

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SHE: BBS Health and Safety Details

Born and bred in South Africa on a farm in the Limpopo region close to the Botswana border but obtain and international MBA through the University of Queensland Australia. The focus was on SHE and leadership. I have been married for nearly 41 years with three children and 5 grandchildren. In terms of my career, I love to engage with people and have implemented Behaviour Based Safety processes in mining companies, smelters, and other industry sectors. My passion is to make people enthusiastic about their safety, their work and to get in control of their future. In a strictly regulated environment, people tend to stop thinking for themselves and do not take responsibility and ownership for their actions or inactions. I have about 25 years’ experience in the SHE environment and have attended SHE conferences worldwide. On three occasions I was a presenter and I enjoy the interaction with colleagues worldwide.