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Assertive Communication

by Tamas Kormos

Languages: English, Hungarian

Price (from): €1 / day

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Assertive Communication by Tamas Kormos

About the training

A way of communicating our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs in an open, honest manner without violating the rights of others.
It is an alternative to be in aggressive where we abuse other people’s rights and passive where we abuse our own rights.

No serious topic without acronyms…

I = Identify and understand the problem,
D= Describe the problem objectively and accurately,
E= Express your concerns and how you feel (when appropriate),
A= Ask the other person for his/her perspective and ask for a reasonable change,
L= List the outcomes.

Learning outcomes


You believe in your ability to handle the situation and are composed


The message is easy to understand and is not exaggerated


You are “tracking” the other person and modulate yourself if necessary


  • Passive

  • Aggressive

  • Passive-Aggressive

  • Assertive

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