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Effective Communication

by Tatjana Sokcic

Languages: English, Serbian

Price (from): €136 / day

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About the trainer:

For the last 7 years, Tatjana has been designing and carrying out development projects for businesses and employees, for small, middle-sized and large companies from different industries, in HR, sales and customer care area. 
She leads a team of experts gathered in her company, HR Centar and coordinates activities in the MyNLP Association that develops programs for personal development and support for start-ups and fast-growing small enterprises.

Her expertise was recognized by EBRD and Tatjana is now engaged in EBRD development projects for the SME sector in the Balkans region. 
She has worked as Sales Director and Customer Services Director in telecommunications and the FMCG industry (AVON Cosmetics, Digi TV, La Fantana, Orion Telekom). 
Tatjana's main occupation is designing programs to develop leadership and management skills. The programs contain assessments of potential, training for skills improvement and individual work with candidates based on principles of coaching and mentoring. Her specialties are also programs for developing sales and customer care teams.
She has extensive experience in organizing sales teams and customer service in the start-up phase. She has participated in establishing two companies on our market, and in a merger of three companies into one with complete business reorganization.
Tatjana is certified:
•    Fellow Member IANLP Trainer and Coach
•    Master NLP Trainer IN NLP 
•    A-N Analytic Network Coach
•    Points of You Practitioner and Coach
•    Consultant and Distributor of Inspire assessment tool
•    Consultant and Distributor Hogan assessment tool, 
•    Consultant and Trainer for SDI conflict resolution tool

She is a graduate transport engineer and has completed a Master's program in the field of Human Resources Management at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, on the subject 'Customer Service Employees, Training and Development'.


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Effective Communication by Tatjana Sokcic

About the training

The training is organized as a one-day program for 7 hours and is based on a combination of interactive lectures and exercises.

Effective communication is the key to success, whether in contact with business partners, clients, colleagues or superiors. In different situations, the importance of clearly informing, understanding and agreeing through communication is expressed. Through training, we learn to personalize our approach and tailor our communication to the interviewee, as well as to be aware of the channels of communication, ensure the transmission of all relevant information, understand the message we send or receive, and successfully resolve conflicts if they occur.

One of the basic elements that we pay attention to is recognizing the needs of the interlocutor we are addressing with a specific goal and alignment, which leads to the successful realization of goals and agreements. We need to address the needs of the interviewees in a way that they, according to their styles of perception and behavior, can best understand. It is important to establish a bridge of trust between us and our interlocutor.






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