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ISO 26262 Functional Safety Management

by Thomas Finke

Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese

Price (from): €2,500 / day

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About the trainer:

I am the main channel for all new and current clients & projects, for E-Training-Learning-Software-Consulting within the manufacturing industries in Europe-DACH regions.
Main Focus: Automotive* Aerospace* Manufacturing* Logistics* Sales-Fintech*Telecommunications, assisting clients in Process Management, Productivity-Cost Reduction & Quality Management.

I also specialize in cost reduction and productivity training and large sales management ramping up and onboarding for rapidly growing modern start-ups.


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ISO 26262 Functional Safety Management by Thomas Finke

About the training

#ISO 26262 Functional Safety

The need for Functional Safety Management (ISO 26262) has accelerated in the Automotive and Electronics/High Tech industry. This need is fueled by the agreement of 20 OEMs with NHTSA on Autonomous braking. Additionally, the race for Autonomous cars and development of E-Cars have shown a very significant need for Functional Safety Management (ISO 26262). While the Functional Safety based product development has significantly revved up, organizations are still plagued with a lack of knowledge and understanding on Functional Safety Management (ISO 26262), a need for employees with functional safety competency, and integrated management systems practices and software systems.

Omnex, the oldest US organization in the Functional Safety market, is happy to announce Omnex's Personal Certification program for Functional Safety Engineers and Functional Safety Auditors. Please e-mail us for the competency criteria. 

Also, in order to support our Functional Safety Management (ISO 26262) customers, help organizations learn from each other, and to share best practices, Omnex is forming a Functional Safety Consortium. We are taking only a few companies as members.

Training and Workshops

Functional Safety Management (ISO 26262) a functional safety standard is one of the latest changes in the Automotive Industry that is being driven due to a fundamental change in technology. Mostly it is being felt in the Electric Car Industry that has significant safety risk due to the immaturity of the electric car technology, but it is also present in the regular automobile industry as hardware and software complexity increases. This webinar can help you understand Functional Safety Management (ISO 26262).

In fact, here are the Key Changes Omnex is seeing in the Automotive Industry as current trends:

  • Functional Safety Standards (ISO 26262)
  • Management System Standards (IATF 16949) and Auditing.
  • Trends in APQP Collaborative Solutions and the Strategic Implications
  • New Machine FMEA
  • Risk Management and Integrated Management Systems
  • Social Responsibility Standards
  • Disciplined Problem Solving
  • ISO 26262 - Writing a Defensible Safety Case