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Organizational Culture

by Ugljesa Atanackovic

Languages: English, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian

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About the trainer:

Uglješa Atanacković – holds a degree in Human Resources Management, Management Engineer. Has been involved in training and developing since he was 16 years old, he has worked as a human resources consultant, trainer and couch for the last 8 years. He has held over 450 training sessions, with over 3600 satisfied participants, in the past 6 years. Most often, he has worked with small and medium-sized companies, owners who started their business as craft and trade shops and who grew, over time, to companies with 20 or more than 50 employees. His expertise in the field of human resources is as follows: organizational development and setting up an organizational structure, employee motivation, leadership, and team building.

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Organizational Culture by Ugljesa Atanackovic

About the training

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Organizational culture is a set of values, beliefs, and customs that members of an organization share and transfer to new members. A strong organizational culture is characterized by pronounced employee loyalty and a commitment to organizational goals. Organizational culture has a great impact on the long-term business and financial performance of an organization. During training, you have the ability to define, within your team, your existing organizational culture and create your desired organizational culture with action steps to make the transition process more successful and less stressful for all team members. Application of training: • The process of change and the transition of the company/sector/team • Team coaching • Team building activity • Start off significant projects • Increasing motivation and employee engagement • Strategic planning for organizational development • Changes in management structure • The need for a better understanding and knowledge of a company's values • Change in an organizational culture

Learning outcomes

Organizational culture

Familiarity with the concept and types of organizational cultures; Defined current organizational culture; Defined desired organizational culture

Strengths and weaknesses

Defined strengths and weaknesses of an existing organizational culture


Created an action plan for the transition of an organizational culture


  • Competing Value Framework for Corporate Communication

  • Criteria for the classification of organizational cultures

  • Types of organizational cultures

  • Mapping an organizational culture

  • Making a desired organizational culture

  • Transition of organizational culture

  • Stop-Go-Continue-Change model in the transition process

  • Developing action plans for changing an organizational culture

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