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Sales: LIVE-Coaching for sales representatives, sales manager

by Ulrich Auburger

Languages: German, English

Price (from): €1,800 / day

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About the trainer:

Medilutions Sales Coaching and Business Solutions (since 01.04.2017)
International Sales manager SGD Kipfenberg (01.09.2014 - 30.03.2017)
Manager Marketing and Sales TAD Pharma (2014)
District Manager, Biologische Heilmittel Heel (2011 - 2013)
Sales Representative Albrecht GmbH, Aulendorf (2007-2011)
Sales Representative, Key Account Manager, WDT e.G, Garbsen (2002-2007)
Area Manager Veyx-Pharma, Schwarzenborn (1993-2001)


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Sales: LIVE-Coaching for sales representatives, sales manager by Ulrich Auburger

About the training

#practical   #individualized   #updated   #company goals

LIVE-Coaching for sales representatives, sales manager coaching at the point of sales: 1 to 1 coaching for the whole sales process: conversation, negotiation, proper treatment, quoting, claim solutions; including background customers needs and behavior.

The trainee becomes direct feedback during the training day. Coach is attending visits or sales contacts and interacts with the trainee in between of the customer contacts.

Learning outcomes


Practical and direct, not theoretical and far


Individualized to the single trainee and the current situation


It is coaching, not a seminar


  • Finding the company sales profile in advance

  • Comparing the training with the company goals

  • Analyzing the developments

  • Training the individual training points

  • Refection in practise

Main benefits

  • #Wide collection of the biggest experts
  • #Filters for all kinds of needs
  • #User friendly platform
  • #Fast and cheap
  • #Highest level of proficiency

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