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Powerful Body Language for Sales Negotiation

by Veli Inget

Languages: English, Finnish

Price (from): €1,900 / day

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About the trainer:

Veli is an established and knowledgeable trainer and coach specializing in business development, sales, management, and leadership.

With a background working extensively in sales and sales management roles, he worked as Sales Manager before taking the position of Sales and Marketing Director for ten years. He subsequently worked as Managing Director.

This practical experience of leading and managing high performing sales teams and individuals gives Veli the insight needed to create challenging training programs.

As a facilitator, Veli has over 15 years of experience. He takes a coaching approach to his work and looks to work with participants at a deep level to understand their thought processes to make a big change to their performance.

Working across a variety of sectors including technology and manufacturing, Veli has worked with people from entry to C-level.

Veli has a Masters of Education from the University of Oulu and delivers training in English and Finnish.


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Powerful Body Language for Sales Negotiation by Veli Inget

About the training

#Body Language   #Sales   #Negotiation   #Communication

A one-day practical, interactive workshop 

Body language is one of our most important methods of communication. It’s one we sometimes take for granted – and often we’re unaware of the silent messages we’re transmitting and the subtle signals we’re receiving. When you understand non-verbal communication, you can influence others non-verbally – and also read their body language.

This is particularly important in sales and negotiation, where knowing what customers are thinking and feeling can give you an advantage. Are they bluffing or not.

Workshop methodology

Participants will experience a dynamic, interactive and fun learning environment – with lots of energizing pair/small group activities that will have them enthralled and fascinated. While the workshop will be enjoyable, it will also be valuable. There will be many opportunities for that all-important ‘wow moment’ capable of bringing about a positive change that can last a lifetime. Participants leave with practical tools and techniques they can put to use immediately that will allow them to make changes in behavior that result in sales negotiation success.

This lively, interactive and highly engaging workshop will significantly increase participants’ awareness of their own and other people’s body language. They will leave with tips, tactics, and techniques for making the most of this fascinating, powerful and compelling branch of sales and negotiation psychology.

Learning outcomes


Recognize the critical importance of focusing on body language during a sales negotiation

Body Language

Know how to read their opponent’s ‘tells’ – their subtle and not so subtle signals; Know how to use body to communicate dominance and confidence in a negotiation


Appreciate how micro-expressions disclose a person’s real thoughts, emotions, and feelings; Be able to control their own body language and facial expression to not give away their intentions

Sales Negotiation

Understand how observing where others look can reveal how they’re thinking/feeling; Know how to build rapport non-verbally using subtle matching and mirroring techniques

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