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How to Sell without Selling your Soul - the Workshop!

by Victoria Fleming

Languages: English

Price (from): €2,700 / day

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About the trainer:

Victoria is an energetic and enthusiastic training and development consultant with over 15 years of corporate experience in delivering success through people.

She has specialist experience in working with businesses on their strategic sales and service approach implementing new commercial ideas and innovations delivering dynamic, innovative and thought-provoking training to staff at all levels to allow the organization to deliver on the sales and service goals they have established coaching staff to success delivering staff buy-in for a company’s ‘big idea’

Victoria holds a BA (Hons) and is also a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Managers, a qualified trainer, Growth Accelerator coach and Mentor and speaks internationally on the subject of Sales.  She has a specialist interest in enabling people to achieve their potential and feel great about selling!



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How to Sell without Selling your Soul - the Workshop! by Victoria Fleming

About the training

Scared of Selling? Nervous of Negotiation?  Horrified by Haggling? Mortified about asking for Money?
You don’t need to deal with the Devil – just sign up for Buzztastic’s two-day workshop - designed to help Entrepreneurs become better, bolder and happier in the sales environment.  We will be giving you all the skills you need to feel super confident in selling your products or services – and in doing so in your own unique way.

In fact, in just two days Victoria will take you from being a Nervous Nelly, to becoming a Sales Supremo!  And this isn’t generic – the whole two days are based entirely on your business, so you go away with a Blueprint of Success.  ​

What will you learn?

  • Preparing for success – understanding your customer, your business and your products and services.
  • Mapping your sales process and recognise how to progress one step at a time
  • Setting yourself up for powerful, persuasive conversations
  • Picking up the phone – you know you need to do it, so let’s make it easy, fun and highly rewarding!
  • Maximising face to face meetings – pushing the right buttons from the off.
  • How to ask great questions and listen like a pro
  • Reflecting and reframing – using your knowledge to build your sale
  • Obliterate Objections!  How to handle those hiccups along the way with integrity and insight
  • Tips and techniques to help you ask for the money – and feel good about it!
  • Combatting Competitors – we know you hate those guys!!
  • Negotiating to a win / win outcome
  • Getting to yes – or as those fancy sales people say – ‘closing’
  • Perfect your proposals – how to win the war of words….
  • Stakeholder mapping – your secret weapon in your future success.
  • Planning to take control of your sales success – enough of the liquor and guessing!  By the end of the two days you will go away knowing exactly how to get to the figures you are looking for in your business.

.... and more!  This Workshop is fun, interactive and relaxed – with not a shiny suit in sight! Our goal is to make you not just a better salesperson, but a happier one – and we promise you won’t turn into a double-glazing salesperson!


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