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Vimarsh Bhardwaj

Training Category Levels
Lean Strategies for Quality Efficacy and Improvement of Businesses Leadership, Other beginner

I am Technocrat with management with post-graduate, and working with industry for Quality specific needs, improvement of work culture/office culture/ productivity producing great results in profits to the organizations as a whole.

In my 19 years of career in India and China in fields related to apparel/ home furnishings/ furniture related industry, I have implemented Lean strategies, TQM and other quality tools within organizations and have built a strong report.

I have introduced a range of management tools pertaining to Six Sigma, lean theories, Quality management systems, 7QC tools and improved them from low performing liabilities to high performing assets.
I have been giving training pertaining to industries and guest lectures to Universities in India for Quality/lean methodology and productive thinking. I have been a trainer in quality /lean six sigma theories to individuals/groups since 2017.