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The Shift - How to Unlock Better Decisions Leadership beginner

I have over 20 years of  Corporate experience in large firms including FTSE100 firms across India and the UK. I have worked in multiple industries ranging from hotels to outsourcing, media and finance.

During my career, I have held various positions such as Leaderning Head to Head of Conduct Risk and Head of Controls Automation. I am a published author (C-Tunes)  and a keynote speaker at global conferences across wide-ranging topics from Women in Leadership to The Power Of Process.

The single unique dynamic that I am regarded for is the way that I think – and attending a session with me will change the way you think as well. I am prominent on the internet and off the internet for creating, curating and contributing to content that triggers the aha moment where people go, ‘ I didn’t look at it this way.’ I’m widely known for challenging the status quo and helping people push the envelope – whether this is about our blind conformance to culture, our search for purpose or just process thinking and risk management.

Driven by passion, I don’t have one big contribution or a contribution to one thing alone. I speak, write and post videos on a very wide range of topics ranging from parenting to purpose but at the heart of it all, I provoke thought and help leaders of today dig deeper, become better leaders, make better decisions in the hope of building a better tomorrow.

Bigger isn’t everything, better is.