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The Shift - How to Unlock Better Decisions


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About the trainer:

I have over 20 years of  Corporate experience in large firms including FTSE100 firms across India and the UK. I have worked in multiple industries ranging from hotels to outsourcing, media and finance.

During my career, I have held various positions such as Leaderning Head to Head of Conduct Risk and Head of Controls Automation. I am a published author (C-Tunes)  and a keynote speaker at global conferences across wide-ranging topics from Women in Leadership to The Power Of Process.

The single unique dynamic that I am regarded for is the way that I think – and attending a session with me will change the way you think as well. I am prominent on the internet and off the internet for creating, curating and contributing to content that triggers the aha moment where people go, ‘ I didn’t look at it this way.’ I’m widely known for challenging the status quo and helping people push the envelope – whether this is about our blind conformance to culture, our search for purpose or just process thinking and risk management.

Driven by passion, I don’t have one big contribution or a contribution to one thing alone. I speak, write and post videos on a very wide range of topics ranging from parenting to purpose but at the heart of it all, I provoke thought and help leaders of today dig deeper, become better leaders, make better decisions in the hope of building a better tomorrow.

Bigger isn’t everything, better is.


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The Shift - How to Unlock Better Decisions by VINITA RAMTRI

About the training

#Unlock Better Decisions for Brighter Futures   #Strategic thinking   #Drive Efficiency   #Purposeful

Are you tired of making decisions that don't work in your favour? Or decisions that serve well in the short term only to backfire over the course of time? I believe that most decisions that don’t work as intended happen so not because of what we think but because of how we think. In this course called Make the Shift, I want to help leaders of organizations adapt their thinking which will, in turn, unlock better decisions for them, their team, their firms and their customers. Often we get the right exercise and nutrition for our bodies but we forget sometimes that the brain too needs a gym and a bit of a stretch. The aim is to help leaders make the shift in how they think, which will enable them to ‘Unlock Better Decisions’

I believe firmly that WHAT you think is underpinned by HOW you think. This workshop will change the WAY you think.

Learning outcomes

Understand why thinking matters

o The impact of thought o The benefits of thinking right

The types of thinking

o Growth mindsets o Limiting mindsets

Personal mindset Exercise

o Exploring your own mindsets o Adapting the way you think

Putting it into practice

o The power of habits o Forming your own habits


  • What are some decisions that have bothered us – what went wrong?

  • What are some decisions that have bothered us – what went wrong?

  • What are some decisions that have bothered us – what went wrong?

  • New techniques fo thinking

  • Asking the right questions

  • Do all problems need to be solved?

  • Practice new ways to think

  • Replace mindsets and habits that don’t serve us well

  • Practice techniques such as mindset change and the habit formation

  • Upgrade your thinking patterns

Main benefits

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