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Time, Stress & Energy Management Skills

by Yiannis Kalogerakis

Languages: Greek, English

Price (from): €6,000 / day

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About the trainer:

Dr. Kalogerakis was born in Crete in 1957. He received his B.Sc., M.Sc. & Ph.D. from Strathclyde University, Scotland. Since 1982 has worked in a number of managerial positions for national & multinational companies in the UK, the M.East, Greece, and Cyprus. As a frequent keynote speaker in various national and international conferences and as a visiting Professor to various British, Cypriot & Greek Universities, he has given numerous lectures and seminars internationally emphasizing timeless values, business ethics and the anthropocentric approach for sustainable corporate development.

Since 1993 he has lectured regularly at the Hellenic Management Association on People skills, empowerment, motivation, and personal skills development. The programs offered, cover many aspects of soft skill personal development ( from Leading with Emotional Intelligence to Ethics and Culture Change ).  He has given numerous Management Skills Development seminars in 4 continents. The characteristic of all of his empowering & motivational training seminars is the unique anthropocentric and ethical approach which has been developed over the last 37 years of entrepreneurial, managerial and coaching experience.

His company ( JMK ) is actively engaged in various CSR activities around the world & wherever help is needed ( Corporate Social Responsibility ). 
In 2010, he published 20 different anthropocentric seminars on DVD. Today, he is the CEO of JMK, with offices in Greece & Cyprus specializing in Anthropocentric Human Resource Development.

Here are 4 links from past speeches of his :

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Time, Stress & Energy Management Skills by Yiannis Kalogerakis

About the training

#prioritization, planning & scheduling   #time-management   #self-management   #productivity

Each one of us has the same 24hrs in a day, yet somehow it seems that there is never enough time to accomplish everything. The performance of an organization depends directly on how well their staff is able to manage their time. Business professionals in ever-changing roles are being asked to achieve higher levels of professional performance under increasing time pressures and workload. This course is designed to enable executives to make more effective and profitable use of their time while maintaining “quality” time for family & friends and achieving a more effective work-life balance.

Learning outcomes


Understand the concepts of time & self-management as they relate to productivity

Concepts of Time

Discover time wasters & create time savers; Better plan, organize, prioritize and track activities


Exercise better prioritization, planning & scheduling


  • Introductions, course & participants objectives

  • The importance & benefits of good time management

  • Analysis of time stealers & wasters

  • Personal objectives, life goals & expectations

  • Analysis of personal time profile & current allocation of time

  • Prioritising, planning & scheduling

  • Schedule personal planning time on a regular basis & retain flexibility to respond to changing circumstances

  • Organizing the desk & personal work space more effectively

  • Techniques for dealing with paperwork & e-mail overload

  • Understanding Stress

  • Coping Effectively with stress ( Stressless )

  • Effective communication as a means for time management

  • ...

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