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Yoshiki Kashiwagi

Languages: English, Japanese

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Training Category Levels
“Objective-driven” Data Analysis Training Class for Practical Business Applications Sales, Marketing, Other beginner

Prof. Yoshiki Kashiwagi is recognized as a professional business skill trainer with a comprehensive background of practical business at Hitachi and Nissan for over 20 years. He is supporting over 50 large corporate clients and over 3,000 business persons (Over 160 days) annually for performance enhancement and problem-solving mainly through logical thinking and data analysis. He is also a book author of practical business skills (over 20 titles, translated into several languages), Professor at Tama graduate school of Business (Critical thinking) and lecturer for the international BBA students at Yokohama National University in Japan. He is on a variety of on/offline media and known as the “ONLY ONE” trainer in Japan who can teach practical problem-solving skills with data analysis based on the working experience as a change agent at the large firms and consulting track records.