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Yves Bacho Millfield

Languages: English, French, Dutch

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SHE/Leadership/Soft Skills Health and Safety, Leadership, Soft Skills Details

Yves Bacho started his career as a field of technical and marketing support in central Africa in 1976.

He is hired by Du Pont de Nemours in 1979 where he is given assignments in marketing, technical service and operations in various countries (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, United States).

In 1997 he joins the organization responsible for mergers and acquisitions as the safety and health representative.
He takes part in several due diligence projects and leads integration projects (training and coaching) for new acquisitions in Europe and Asia.

Key industry sectors:

•    Mining;
•    Water treatment with Reverse Osmosis;
•    Glass lamination;
•    Coatings automotive and powders
•    Management of change.
Since 2008, Yves works as an independent consultant.