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SHELeads Program

by Alena Huberova

Languages: Czech, English

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About the trainer:

Hi! I’m Alena. Trainer and speaker by profession and vocation. A globetrotter, sports enthusiast, and an optimist, with an insatiable curiosity about people, life and business.
My professional background is in the corporate arena with roles in marketing, sales, and communication in a wide variety of sectors including IT, travel and tourism, and wellness and beauty. Throughout my career, I have cherished living and working in five countries across Europe and Asia. It was through my entrepreneurship experience and through overcoming my own struggles as an entrepreneur and introvert, that I was inspired to start my communication business, which has turned into a lifelong passion. 

I have since worked with hundreds of individual and corporate clients on developing their communication, public speaking and influencing skills. Since 2017, I have focused on working with female executives and to be honest, it has been the most fulfilling work that I have ever done. I have poured my heart and soul into it. I developed SHELeads, a program to help women shine with their uniqueness, powerfully influence people and become inspiring leaders who never lose sight of who they are. The program combines all of my professional experience (both corporate and entrepreneurial), my sales, marketing, and public speaking skills, my study of human psychology, what I have learned from my mentors and my own life journey.

Things I am really proud of…
If I must choose a few (besides the SHELeads Program and our wonderful graduates), then it has to be speaking at the TEDx UNYP 2017 conference, winning second place in the 2018 Czech National Championship of Public Speaking, and coaching X.GLU, a team from the Czech Technical University to win the world title at the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 in Seattle, USA (in collaboration with 

I am regularly asked to speak at industry events and conferences. I participate in the International Board of Entrepreneurs,, run The Public Speakers, Trainers and Coaches Club in Prague and am an active member of Toastmasters International.

I contribute to various magazines and newspapers including Czech & Slovak Leaders and Business Woman. You can read my articles and watch my videos on my blog.


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SHELeads Program by Alena Huberova

About the training

#comunication   #influence   #charisma   #storytelling   #relationships   #legacy

Online training program for female managers who want to shine with their uniqueness, powerfully influence people and become inspiring leaders who never lose sight of who they are…Powerful & Feminine!

The program consists of three core modules. Each module contains four key topics/lessons. The program combines theory with practical exercises to help you assimilate and practice your newly acquired knowledge and skills. Each session builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous session; every step prepares you for the next one. It’s essential that you participate in the process fully from the start until the very end. Here are the curriculum and a detailed description of each module so you can make sure the program is right for you.

Great leadership starts with self-awareness. So, that’s the starting point of this training program. You’ll gain a greater understanding of your personality, your innate strengths, and talents but also the darkness within you and things that block your potential. You’ll learn about the specific challenges that career women face both at the workplace and at home and how you can tap into your unique feminine power. We’ll look at your inner motivations, your long-term goals and your vision for life. The objective of this module is to set the foundations, help you feel grounded and self-assured, and raise your self-worth as a female leader.

Once the foundations are set, you’ll be ready to acquire new knowledge and build up fundamental emotional intelligence, communication and influencing skills. You'll learn the fundamentals of human dynamics, behavioral change and how to apply the principles of influence to increase your impact. You'll discover your communication style and how to communicate with people with different styles and personalities and in situations of conflict. You’ll find out how to create healthy boundaries with your co-workers and build credibility and trust.

The ability to speak in public is a ‘must’ for a leader. You always have to be ready to present your vision, products or services in both formal or informal settings. So, how do you grab people’s attention? How do you present complex ideas or turn boring topics into engaging presentations? How do you inspire action? In this module, we’ll focus on building your confidence as a speaker. You’ll discover your unique speaking style and learn to craft presentations that capture the hearts and minds of your listeners and get real buy-in for your ideas!

Learning outcomes


Gain a deeper understanding of who you are when no one is looking, uncover your hidden gems and let your authentic self, shine


Develop true self-confidence, find your voice and become even more influential and inspiring; Develop a powerful personal presence that commands trust and respect


Master the art of communication and relationships to build bridges with people rather than burn them


Find your unique speaking style and craft and deliver presentations that get you results and have your listeners hang onto your every word





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