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Team bonding: when cultures meet

by Alicia Kreijger

Languages: English, Dutch

Price (from): €1 / day

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About the trainer:

Never trust assumptions… “Are you Belgian?” is a question I am sometimes asked because I speak Dutch fluently, but with a soft accent. This shows that you should never trust assumptions! Actually, I am originally French, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Living abroad has significantly shaped my identity and makes it sometimes difficult to guess where I am from. That’s the magic of culture: it is invisible, however, one can feel its complex influence on the person standing in front of you. "On many occasions, I have felt the hidden magic of culture at work for better or worse." With a background in communications (MC’s in Communications at Celsa-Sorbonne), I have worked for more than 10 years in various international companies. During those years I have been lucky enough to have lived in France, the US and the Netherlands and to have worked extensively with many different European countries. On many occasions, I have felt the hidden magic of culture at work for better or worse. Some hilarious moments or stressful conflicts seemed to originate from something that no one was properly addressing: cultural differences. As an IRC-certified cross-cultural trainer and coach, I help individuals and teams to develop greater self-awareness and cross-cultural effectiveness for better work performance and more individual happiness. My goal is to help people enjoy their journey across cultures. And when I see genuinely curious eyes or excited faces in my training or coaching sessions, I know the journey has all been very much worth it.


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Team bonding: when cultures meet by Alicia Kreijger

About the training

#Team bonding   #cultures   #communication   #relationships   #effective communication   #stronger relationships   #cultural values   #intercultural competences   #action plan   #IRC online assessment

How to create trust, effective communication, and stronger relationships while having fun!


  • Full-day training including 2 short breaks and a lunch break
    Maximum of participants to be defined
  • Time & Location:
    Will be confirmed for each session


Learning outcomes


Understanding of cultural fundamentals; Framework to navigate cultural differences at work


Awareness of cultural-self (how does our own culture influence us?)


Improved ability to manage cultural aspects in a work environment


The sound basis to further develop individual intercultural competences and effectiveness


  • Share our experiences to learn from each other

  • Reflect on the influence of cultural values and beliefs on our ways of perceiving, thinking and doing

  • Understand how key notions differ according to cultures: communication, sharing information, trust, role & responsibilities, building relationship, decision-making process etc.

  • Understanding and training of intercultural competences (intercultural sensitivity, intercultural communication, building commitment, managing uncertainty) using IRC self-assessment

  • Developing individual action plan

  • IRC online Option: Individual IRC online assessment prior to training with an individualized report

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