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Islamic finance Training Courses

by Aly Khorshid

Languages: English

Price (from): €1 / day

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About the trainer:

Dr. Khorshid is partner and CEO of Islamic finance with Elite Horizon economic consultancy, Structuring, Endorsing and advising on Shariah-compliant products with particular experience in Capital and stock market products. Dr. Khorshid served as a Consultant to the central bank on establishing the Islamic banking system within the Central bank regulatory policies and corporate governance. He is an active member of structuring the Islamic home purchase scheme and Islamic capital market products. He is experienced in conduct comprehensive Due-diligences on financial institutions to identify potential investment opportunities.

Dr. Khorshid has a Ph.D. in Islamic studies and economics from the University of Leeds (UK), studied Fiqh and Shariah at Al-Azhar University (Egypt), Master's degree in Management (UK). His Publications include Islamic Insurance “A Modern Approach to Islamic Banking”, and the Encyclopaedia of Islamic finance, He also has many articles published on Islamic finance.

Dr. Khorshid is a trustee member of Oxford Academy (UK), a member of the institute of management consultancy (UK), and visiting lecturer in El-Azhar University ”Egypt” and ‘SOAS’ University of London on Islamic finance.


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Islamic finance Training Courses by Aly Khorshid

About the training

3 Day’s workshop

An Islamic Finance Training course covers the most important and widely used Shariah-compliant products. The program examines the foundations of Islamic finance, as well as a discussion of the principal contracts. Delegates will develop a detailed understanding of financing contracts, as well as structured Islamic financial products. Delegates at the end of the program are able to know how Islamic financial products compare to conventional

Course Objectives

This course covers the general issues of Islamic finance, and is targeted to cover the following topics:

Foundations of Islamic Finance, Principles Of Financial Contracts In Shariah, Categories Of Financial Contracts In Shariah, Islamic Law principal and Prohibition (Riba, and gambling), Islamic framework and Fiscal policy, Monetary policy in Islamic framework, Shariah Financing Contracts, Securities and Sukuk, Hedge Fund investments, Derivative products is it Shariah-compliant products , and Islamic banking management fees versus conventional banking interest


  • Day One:

  • Foundations of Islamic Finance

  • Principles of Financial Contracts in Shariah

  • Categories of Financial Contracts in Shariah

  • Islamic Law principal

  • Day Two:

  • Shariah Financing Contracts

  • Islamic framework

  • Monetary policy in Islamic framework

  • Shariah Standard and product Development

  • Day Three:

  • Islamic financial engineering and advanced products

  • Islamic insurance (Takaful)

  • Operations of Islamic financial institutions

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