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Sales Acceleration Program

by Bennie Peleman

Languages: English, French, Dutch

Price (from): €1,500 / day

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About the trainer:

30 years of experience in sales, sales management and general management across Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.

Main experience into B2B IT software companies.

Help companies making the transition to sales discipline.



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Sales Acceleration Program by Bennie Peleman

About the training

#Increase sales productivity   #Align marketing & sales initiatives

Sales productivity is still THE N°1 challenge for 65% of B2B organizations. Many sales methodologies have been developed, each with their specific strengths and focus areas. Some of them addressing sales efficiency; once you are in front of the prospect, it increases qualification and turns implied to explicit needs while generating value.

Sales effectiveness, however, is about reaching out to the market with the right messaging and value propositions, about managing opportunities through the sales cycle.

  • Over 50% of sales don’t reach the target
  • 50 full days of non-core sales activities 
  • Companies with effective pipeline management grow by 15%

This sales acceleration training addresses these 3 issues and will result in serious productivity gains. This program is a compilation of best practices based on recognized sales methodologies. 

  • 73% of CMO’s say that value messages are not reaching the customer
  • 90% of salespeople do not position value correctly
  • 70 to 80% of marketing materials are unused

#1 A 1-day session with marketing and sales leaders to address positioning, go-to-market, sales cycle management. This is essential as input for the sales training.

#2 Discovery - Stimulate interest 1-day session addressing the basics – planning and SPIN selling and pipeline alignment

#3 – Commit – Value creation - 1-day session – turning implied needs into explicit needs – customer buying process alignment – forecast and pipeline management

After this 3-day training, implementation and coaching services can be obtained to embed the program into the organization.


  • Marketing & sales alignment session – the value gap perception

  • Discovery - Stimulate interest 

  • Commit – Value creation

Main benefits

  • #Wide collection of the biggest experts
  • #Filters for all kinds of needs
  • #User friendly platform
  • #Fast and cheap
  • #Highest level of proficiency

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