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Denis Hilčer

Languages: Bosnian, English, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian

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Denis performs trainings and coaching in the areas of organizational development and personal growth. I work with organizations and individuals who are motivated to achieve planned results. The result are understood as a new, better experience of ourselves, the others and the world around us. In the organizational environment, we measure results as efficiency, while autonomy and health in the work with individual persons. I believe that all people have all the necessary capacities. I come out of thinking that nobody is doing anything to us and that we are responsible for our own experience. My life position is that I'm OK and other people are OK too. I'm doing what I'm saying. I know, want and can carry out trainings and coaching in a way to help participants achieve their goals in a fast, painless and enduring way. I'm concerned about building relationships with my participants with whom I can achieve high level of trust. I guarantee safety environment and am supporting participants with achievingh their results. I work and explain in a clear and simple way, and answer most of relevant questions. With my communication, I have a positive impact on participants to perceive themselves as individuals with the capacities and that they have capabilities to achieve their goals.