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Creating a Coaching Culture

by Dr. John Beiter

Languages: English

Price (from): €3,589 / day

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About the trainer:

John is a seasoned executive coach and licensed psychologist with extensive corporate experience in numerous functional areas.

He has recognized for leadership development expertise across multiple levels of Fortune 500 corporations and for guiding senior executives or managers through difficult transitions, corporate expansions, and product development initiatives.

Outcomes included improved communications, measurable performance attributes, improved revenue, and goal attainment, as well as improved interpersonal and cross-cultural relationships.

Additionally, clients have expanded their leadership and management skills to keep or attract talented staff and achieved greater confidence bouncing back from professional setbacks with enhanced job satisfaction, personal effectiveness and life balance.


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Creating a Coaching Culture by Dr. John Beiter

About the training

#leadership effectiveness   #coaching culture   #conflict management   #communications   #challenging conversations   #feedback   #performance.

This program is designed to link directly with an organization’s key business objectives. The participants will learn how to easily implement a coaching model to deal with developmental, difficult and directional conversations.  It is a sustainable and repeatable 5-step process.

4- hours Training

Learning outcomes


Participants will have a hands-on, practical model that can be used immediately.


Participants will learn what coaching is and is not, understand the science behind behavioral shifts and how coaching can impact and influence change.


Participants will have a proven tool that reduces anxiety around difficult or challenging conversations.


Participants will learn and practice techniques that will increase their ability to initiate conversations that uncover new opportunities, help others see things from a different perspective and give feedback that impacts performance.


  • Improved leadership effectiveness

  • Seeking first to understand before being understood

  • Learn a coaching process that is effective and easy to implement

  • Reduced anxiety around difficult conversations

  • Create a coaching culture

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