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AML & Sanctions

by Enmanuel Cedeño-Brea

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian

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About the trainer:

Experienced attorney and consultant, trained in Finance and Economics.


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AML & Sanctions by Enmanuel Cedeño-Brea

About the training

#anti-money laundering

This is a general AML & sanctions compliance course for nancial institutions and FinTech companies, covering the main concepts, techniques, as well as information about sanctions and sanctions noncompliance. Depending on the audience, and if the organization wishes to share its policies and procedures, it can be a bespoke course focused around its own policies including case studies and exercises. The course has a trade and receivables nance version and one for FinTech companies.

Learning outcomes

Anti Money Laundering

Learn more about anti money laundering


Discover the main concepts, techniques, as well as information about sanctions

Terrorist financing

Be aware of the exact definition of terrorist financing

Risk-based approach

Get to know more about the risk-based approach


  • The definition of AML and terrorist financing

  • Their relation to general financial crime

  • The risk-based approach

  • Then sections on customer due diligence and KYC and sanctions (with a special emphasis on identification and verification routines for the digital marketplace)

  • In addition, sections covering escalations and remediation.

Main benefits

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