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Data Storytelling for Decision Making

by Ganes Kesari

Price (from): €14,000 / day

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About the trainer:

Ganes co-founded Gramener, an award-winning Data science company, where he heads Analytics and Innovation. Ganes has advised hundreds of enterprises like E&Y, Deloitte, Novartis, Dell, GroupM, Nielsen in their analytics journey and has helped several Public sector firms and NGOs such as the World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation adopt data science and AI models in their community and conservation efforts. He is passionate about the confluence of machine learning, information design, and business value.

Ganes is a passionate writer, international speaker, and corporate trainer. He strives to simplify data science and help everyone understand its true potential. He conducts data science workshops for leading corporates around the world. He speaks regularly in leading international conferences such as O’Reilly Strata, O’Reilly AI Conf, TEDx, HubSpot Inbound, AnacondaCON, Fifth Elephant.


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Data Storytelling for Decision Making by Ganes Kesari

About the training

#Data narrative   #The power of data stories in Enterprises   #How to convert insights into engaging visual narratives   #Application of data stories to a real-world business scenario

Data stories are imperative to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphical means, in order to solve the universal problem of data consumption. Data Visualization is fundamentally a fusion of principles drawn from the disciplines of Statistics, Information Design, Interaction Design, and User Experience. In order for an effective and engaging Data Narrative to emerge and communicate the message, practitioners in this discipline need a sound understanding of key concepts in all these areas. Gramener attempts to bridge this gap, enlighten practitioners and elevate enterprises to the next level, by offering world-class training programs in this area. The courses offer the right mix of conceptual knowledge, operating principles and a practitioner’s viewpoint on the application of the techniques to the organizational setting.

Learning outcomes

Data narrative

This course focuses on putting together an engaging data narrative. The basics of data analysis & information design guidelines are introduced to the participants. Then, starting with the framing of a data narrative, all the key components of an effective data story using MS Excel and PowerPoint are covered.

Visual story

The participants will be able to put together an engaging visual story from a dataset using Excel and PowerPoint, taken from their domain context.


  • Introduction to Data Stories

  • Visual Perception & Basics of Visualization

  • Thinking with Data: Insights Discovery

  • The narrative science of Visual Encodings

  • Design for non-designers

  • Weaving your data story

  • Tools are not a constraint

  • Hands-on Exercise after every Module

  • In-class Exercise

Main benefits

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