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Harvesting positivity: applying the latest science into positive emotions for increased workplace wellbeing

by Jeroen Walravens

Languages: English, Dutch

Price (from): €1,700 / day

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About the trainer:

It all started in 2007, when I opened my eyes, staring at fluorescent lighting. Turned out I'd been in a coma for a month. At 21 years old, I'd fallen down a balcony and sustained severe brain damage. I was a vegetable. Unable to walk, talk or even sit up straight, my life disappeared. Because I couldn't do any of the things (I thought) made me “me”. “me” was dead. So for the first time, I saw a distinction, between who I was as a human being and the story about me, the character I portrayed.

My physical recovery brought me to the core of who I was, past the Cambodian jungle, all the way to Mount Everest. My first book, It is always NOW, was published in 2016. Due to popular demand, it entered its third print run within two months.

As a speaker and trainer, my mission is to assist people in reconnecting with their authentic selves. Because that’s where our infinite strength lies.


“A speaker who moves people. He tells It straight to your face, shaking up everyone in attendance. His book, workshops and talks bring forth the strong story in every participant.”


Driven by the desired outcome, Jeroen will follow up with your teams progress, giving additional pointers where needed. To ensure results are met.

“Your talk meant an added value for my team. They gained life experience, becoming more aware of the process.”


Because more than ever, today's corporate landscape is awash with friction.

  • Between expectations and results.
  • Between ambitions and possibilities.
  • Between demands and connection.

This is why Jeroen and his team developed a set of training and talks to inspire and uplift, to strengthen and reconnect.

“A story filled with hope and resilience. Showing people how to use their power and where to find it, it inspires them to explore their limitations, dig deeper and keep the faith.”



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Harvesting positivity: applying the latest science into positive emotions for increased workplace wellbeing by Jeroen Walravens

About the training

#well-being   #communication   #positivity   #feel-better   #happiness   #vitality   #relationships

In today's faced-paced, performance-oriented world there is a growing counter-movement focused on self-care and living in the here-and-now. But how can we take time for ourselves, when we're chronically out of time? How can we improve our quality of life when that too increases our workload? With easy solutions and simplistic systems all the rage, committing to a set of measures might seem like a shot in the dark.

Luckily modern-day psychology has brought us an array of scientifically validated theories.

Not only do they provide us with a better understanding, but they also come with tried and tested methods to improve our well-being.

A workshop about more quality of life for yourself and the people around you.

Learning outcomes

Cultivating Positivity

Participants will understand the importance of positivity and methods for cultivating it.

Improve Well-being

Participants will be able to systematically improve their well-being.

Feel Better

Participants will learn a number of quick and easy methods to instantly feel better.

Interpersonal dimension of Well-being

Participants will become more aware of the interpersonal dimension of well-being.


  • What is well-being?

  • The case for positivity

  • Not all sunshine and roses.

  • Sharing well-being.

  • Using the tools at your disposal.

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