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Overcome self-sabotage

by Julia Villalobos

Languages: Catalan, English, Spanish, French, Chinese

Price (from): €1,300 / day

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About the trainer:

After having trained in more than 10 countries and more than 11 nationalites, coaching in big corporate businesses and teaching self development and awareness I am pretty sure about 3 things:

-Change comes from within and to achieve it, you need the right tools. Get to know how you work, Who you are, what you want. The best way to do this is: get to know how the mind works, get to know how your brain and emotions work.

- You need to be aware that change and growth is needed, ALWAYS. So be open to change, to learn and to develop. 

- Have fun! If you want to learn anything (sales, communication, leadership, neuroscience...) have a good time and you will learn about any topic 7 out of 10 times faster. 

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Overcome self-sabotage by Julia Villalobos

About the training

#self-development   #Growth   #neuroscience

People and companies demand great results, more sales and high performance. They fail to understand that workers, agents and colleagues may not know how to achieve better, faster and with higher results. They don't choose this it just happens due to 3 main reasons: -They don't understand how their mind works. -Emotions and emotional intelligence gets too strong -They self-sabotage themselves or the fact to acheive more is worse than achieving less. Wait, what? Yes, you are reading correct. This worksghop will provide: Tools about Neuroscience NLP and the mind, Exercises and role plays for them to go through all the parts mentioned above and empower themselves enough so They achieve great, better and faster results at work place and their life in general.


  • Overcome Self-sabotage at work place

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