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How to build teams for success

by Lars Christian Stoerseth

Languages: Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish

Price (from): €249 / day

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About the trainer:

Lars Stoerseth is a serial entrepreneur, finance expert and management consulting, passionate about technology and business. Having started his career in sales and management a decade ago, he has had a transformative path, moving up the ranks of the corporate world before becoming an in-house development consultant for a large company in the hospitality sector.

Lars first co-founded an optimization consultancy in Norway in 2016, then moved on into software and technology as a co-founder and chief executive. Having since been in other technology ventures and even briefly in biotech, Lars now runs his own management and capital consultancy where he helps other startups and growth companies scale their business and raise the capital they need to grow.


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How to build teams for success by Lars Christian Stoerseth

About the training

What makes great teams work? How are some leaders able to keep building teams that achieve above and beyond, teams that also go the extra mile and never rest until goals are hit?

These are but a few of the things we will look at during this workshop. I will take you through what I've learned from a decade of building teams in multiple sectors; from advertising to technology - from Scandinavia to the UK; from corporate to startups.

Building teams is one of the number one priorities of a great leader because the better the team the more you can focus on developing new leaders from your herd.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcome

Being able to engineer teams for the task at hand, build successful teams from scratch and keep your teams great.

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