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Leif Erik Moe Paulsen

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I am a professional sales trainer, working with both international and domestic brands here in Norway. I have been a trainer for more than 10 years.

What motivates me the most and what keeps me going, is the prospect of helping people find meaning and purpose in their current job. I am convinced that it is more important to «love what you do» - than to «do what you love». The way forward must always start where you are right now, and if you choose to find meaning and purpose there - making the most of it, development, improvement and learning is almost inevitable. I have been working with a lot of companies, but the ones that i have been with for a long time have a few things in common: They want to create outstanding customer experiences They value their sales people and are willing to invest time and money in their development They are strong brands seeking to bring something new and inspiring to the marketplace One of these companies is obviously Apple, which i have been working with since 2008. In addition to being a sales trainer, i regularly do public speaking jobs on habits, and i am also the co-founder of two companies working within the business of virtual reality. Being a naturally creative person, i love being part of different projects - and have a strong passion for turning dreams into reality.