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OTC Derivatives Collateral & EMIR

by Mike Simmons

Languages: English

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About the trainer:

Michael (Mike) Simmons is a specialist in the field of financial services operations; he has been involved with the capital markets and operations throughout his career. During his career within stockbroking firms and within a major international investment bank (S.G. Warburg and Warburg Securities), Mike gained hands-on experience of and day-to-day management responsibility for many operational areas (including debt, money markets and equity), and for various operations functions across both domestic and international markets. Since 1995, he has been writing and delivering training programs to audiences of mixed vocation and experience, including operations staff, front-office personnel, compliance and risk officers, legal personnel, consultants and IT professionals. Such programs include securities operations (incorporating the trade lifecycle), repos and related collateral, securities lending & borrowing and related collateral, corporate actions (fundamental and intermediate), derivative operations (exchange-traded derivatives, OTC derivatives (including CDS & IRS) and related collateral) and related central clearing under EMIR, loan syndication (primary & secondary markets), clearing & settlement, fails & fails management, end-to-end process flow, and risks & controls in operations. Mike’s training programmes have been delivered in the UK, US, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Irish Republic, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia,Singapore and Tunisia. Mike has delivered over 1400 training courses to investment banks, fund managers, asset managers, sovereign wealth funds, supranational organisations, management consultants, central securities depositories, custodians, central counterparties, software companies and data vendors. A particular feature of Mike’s courses is the emphasis placed on risks within operations, and the associated controls.

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OTC Derivatives Collateral & EMIR by Mike Simmons

About the training

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Since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, OTC Derivatives have been subject to momentous changes in their regulation, affecting all firms that indulge in these financial products. However, for many people working within the financial services industry OTC Derivatives remain a complex mystery and a real challenge to understand. Derivatives are nowadays a global phenomenon; many types of derivative product have been introduced to mitigate risks of investors and other institutions such as banks. For those that are not involved in such products on a day-by-day basis, understanding of the purpose of each product type is not easy to ascertain, thereby making the understanding of associated operational actions (e.g. trade processing and collateral management) challenging to comprehend. For each product, its purpose and possible outcomes must be well understood by operations and other personnel within financial institutions to provide top quality servicing of clients and to avoid processing losses. Therefore, it is essential that those financial specialists involved in derivative processing and associated collateral management, understand the overall picture to identify risk situations as early as possible in the transaction lifecycle.

Learning outcomes

Derivative products

Be aware of the fundamental purpose and structure of derivative products

Processing lifecycle

Recognise the processing lifecycle of a range of derivative products

The purpose of collateral

Understand what causes exposures in OTC Derivative trades and the purpose of collateral

Legal documentation

Appreciate the role of legal documentation and associated collateral management


  • Fundamental Derivative Concepts

  • Exchange Traded Derivatives

  • OTC Derivatives - Introduction

  • OTC Derivative Products & Their Operational Characteristics

  • Exiting an OTC Derivative Trade

  • Collateral Management for OTC Derivatives - Introduction

  • The OTC Derivative Collateral Lifecycle

  • Regulatory Change for OTC Derivatives – EMIR Introduction

  • EMIR and Centrally Cleared Trades

  • EMIR and Non Centrally Cleared Trades

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