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Agile Foundations for everyone!

by Pardeep Dhanda

Languages: English

Price (from): €1 / day

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About the trainer:

Pardeep Dhanda was the Head of Agile Learning for a global bank where he rolled out the Agile training strategy for over 100k agility. He has worked as a hands-on Agile practitioner and Agile coach since 2002 building innovative products for large corporates including IBM,

British Telecom and Deutsche Bank. He regularly speaks at universities and conferences worldwide distilling Agile concepts for everyone.
Pardeep specializes in multiple Agile frameworks, holding various certifications; CSPO (Scrum), CSM (Scrum), A-CSM (Scrum), SPC (Scaled Agile Framework), LeSS (Large
Scale Scrum).


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Agile Foundations for everyone! by Pardeep Dhanda

About the training

#agile   #agility   #practical   #management

Confused by all the hype around Agile? Has Agile become a buzz word in your
organisation? Then this course is for you! Get ready for a fun, engaging and hands-on
learning experience where you will learn how Agile can be applied to your job. Whether
you work in HR, Finance, Audit, Legal, Compliance, Technology or any other domain, we
will cover the essential foundations of Agile with key takeaways you can start to practice
with your teams immediately!

We will specifically cover the definition of agility vs Agile and what that means to your
organisation. We will focus on the psychology and mindset that is required to work
effectively with Agile teams, as well as an understanding of the essential techniques and
frameworks you can apply within your teams.

Learning outcomes


Overview of where Agile came from and how is it being used in the industry (both technology and non-technology)


The essential ingredients to be successful in Agile teams; Agile metrics to determine how Agile teams are


Key Agile leadership traits and how do they differ from traditional management styles; Commonly used Agile frameworks and techniques that can kickstart your Agile adoption


Planning (yes we do plan) your work to align with Agile ways of working; Practical advice on how a non-technology team can use Agile techniques


  • Definition of Agility vs Agile

  • History of Agile

  • Agile success factors

  • When NOT to use Agile

  • Agile leadership vs Traditional leadership

  • Agile beyond IT

  • Iterative and incremental working

  • Outcome-based thinking for prioritizing work

  • Planning big projects in Agile

  • Agile hands-on simulation – Bringing it all together!

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