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Non – Accredited IT Training

by Richard Giles Walters

Languages: English

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About the trainer:

An experienced trainer with 12 years of training experience in Information Technology (IT) and Train the Trainer training. Qualified with the Cert/Ed teaching qualification.

A very engaging and motivated trainer who ensures training is delivered to the highest standard at all times. Ensuring all training delegates are fully included in a training session at all times, is an essential training skill for any good trainer. This training skill is called differentiation and needs to be managed carefully to deliver a successful training session. As a qualified teacher, I understand the importance of providing fully inclusive and diverse training.

Differentiation is an essential teaching method I use in my delivery to ensure all the delegates I train to gain the full benefit of my training, irrespective of ability. Delegates, who complete activities early during training, are fully challenged with further activities to ensure they develop new skills. The training I provide is very interactive and Student-centered training. A variety of resources are used during training to enhance the training and offer variety during the training demonstrations. This helps to maintain high concentration levels during training.

The training method employed not only concentrates on the training delivery but also to encourage and motivate delegates to develop their strengths through motivated and interactive training. Trainer strengths include creating a friendly and interactive atmosphere, very high professional standards and highly prepared training sessions.

A continual process of learning and self-development means I am always aware of the latest training methods, thus ensuring all delegate learning needs are met in a professional and carefully planned manner. Support is provided during and after a training session to ensure delegate learning needs are fully met.


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Non – Accredited IT Training by Richard Giles Walters

About the training

IT Training is an essential part of workforce development and there may be a requirement to develop some new Microsoft Office skills to undertake a work-based task or to support the development of work-based IT skills. Petals training can support the development of workforce MS Office IT skills through onsite training or training at one of our training venues.

Learning outcomes

Non – Accredited

Become more confident in the use of MS Office applications i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project.


Save time in undertaking routine IT tasks and they will become far more self-sufficient in the use of IT.


Efficiency time savings in the workplace and lead to a more self-reliant and motivated workforce.


  • Word Processing including document creation, formatting documents and mail merge.

  • Spreadsheets including formula creation, use of charts, manipulation of data and spreadsheet automation.

  • Presentations including the creation of a presentation, designing a presentation, manipulating and formatting a presentation.

  • Databases including setting up a database and managing a database through the use of input masks, data validation queries and calculation queries.

  • E-mail Management including the use of e-mails, creation of folders, managing meetings and managing contacts.

  • Project Management control through project setup, links, constraints and manipulation

Main benefits

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  • #User friendly platform
  • #Fast and cheap
  • #Highest level of proficiency

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