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Emotional Intelligence

by Robin Hills

Languages: English

Price (from): €263 / day

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About the trainer:

Emotional Intelligence Coach, Trainer and Facilitator.


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Emotional Intelligence by Robin Hills

About the training

#emotional intelligence   #motivation   #resilience   #self-awareness

These programs equip you with a powerful understanding of emotions and how they can be used, and with the skills and knowledge to develop emotional intelligence with individuals and teams.  During your training, you will learn to understand the application of emotional intelligence and enable groups and individuals to work together more effectively. This helps improve communication and reduce conflict in the workplace.

Adopting accelerated learning techniques, the program provides a varied approach including distance learning, interactive exercises, and an engaging mix of group and individual work.  Each participant will receive coaching on their feedback skills during practice sessions overseen by experienced trainers.  Competence is gauged via practical assessments.

Learning outcomes


Raise self-awareness, build teams, and add focus and depth to development interventions with emotional intelligence


Understand the wide variety of business applications to which emotional intelligence can be applied


Create a more productive working culture, using an easily accessible framework for identifying and working with workplace issues involving emotions


• Being an emotional intelligence practitioner provides access to a wealth of applications covering teams, conflict, careers, decision-making, stress, and personal resilience


  • Day 1 (6 hours): Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • Day 2 (8 hours): Experience of the Inner World

  • Day 3 (8 hours): Experience of the Outer World;

  • Day 4 (8 hours): Motivation; Emotional Resilience

  • Day 5 (6 hours): Managing Change; Emotional Intelligence Coaching

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