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Let me introduce ISA: Information Security Awareness

by Sergio Dicandia

Languages: English, Italian

Price (from): €960 / day

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About the trainer:

I am an IT Professional with a solid and varied experience in IT management for International companies, where I developed an ample vision of the main processes and flows. I build innovative, effective and flexible solutions - not simply technical - such as ERP, Document Management Systems, Service Desks and Desktop Management frameworks.

Information Security and Data Protection drive my whole activity as a consultant: with the advent of GDPR I help companies to assess their infrastructures and procedures, evaluate the risks, define mitigation plans and apply best practices to protect their digital assets.

I developed strong analysis and problem solving capabilities: through simplification, standardization and streamlining of organizational and operational processes I reach high levels of both efficiency and savings.

My natural service attitude and communication capabilities ease effective cooperation with all the roles inside and outside the company, reaching high levels of customer satisfaction.

As a Digital Facilitator I have seen way too often people struggling with digital tools which were aimed at simplification (at least at work).
I therefore joined approaches, tips and tricks, and designed courses-non courses where I teach how to obtain effective results without struggling with the tools used to produce them.
In a few hours you'll learn how to use digital tools easily, with consciousness and competence: how to easily build structured, streamlined, readable and accessible documents; how to avoid "death by Powerpoint" and prepare to hold effective presentations; how to protect data and information on the Net; and in general drive, and not surrender, your digital life.


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Let me introduce ISA: Information Security Awareness by Sergio Dicandia

About the training

#informationsecurity   #improves awareness about information security   #plain language, non-technical   #easy to understand   #improves information security in personal and business life   #demystifies GDPR and privacy laws


ISA improves people awareness about personal and company data security;

ISA shows people the risks of the digital world, without scaring them (too) much;

ISA shows how to protect the information, helps to build a “human firewall”, the most effective for people and firms;

ISA encourages virtuous behaviors, concentrating on people rather than tools;

ISA teaches how to process personal data, as requested by GDPR and related laws (but nut bugging people!).

Short and effective workshops, full of real-life example, simulations and interactions will help build a strong information security culture in your company.

Learning outcomes


Discover what and where data are; learn how to recognize them and how to properly process them in order to avoid risks.


Discover the risks, vulnerabilities and attacks that threaten your data; improve your awareness and keep an eye always open to avoid exposing yourself and your company to the risk of data loss, leak and breach.


Simple and easy rules to avoid behaviors that pose risks to your data, both at work and in personal life.


Demystifying GDPR: all in all, it’s just common sense! How day by day awareness and best practices help to keep GDPR compliance.


  • Security is not a product

  • Under attack: Information at risk

  • What do they want?

  • Gone phishing

  • Tools vs. Behaviours

  • GDP-what??

  • Users, passwords, identity

  • Dos & Don’ts

  • Tips & Tricks

  • How to simplify and secure our digital life

Main benefits

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