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Tamas Banki

Languages: English, Hungarian

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You want to gain more from using Linkedin?

Yes?, I know you are. Am I right?


I'm a Linkedin Expert and Trainer since 2011, trained people in many industries and functions.

C suite leaders as well as managers, or BA or MBA students, entry level, or mothers after maternity leave.


To give you a quick view of my trainings, you need to know I was a ski racer. When ever I start skiing again (I mean literary any time) I start with snowplough turns, the most basic turn or braking position.

When I'm going to talk to you, or your clients, colleagues, I will always start with the beginning of Linkedin, and if you already know everything yoou need to know, we go fast forward, but if you have white spots on you Linkedin map, I can help you learn how to really use Linkedin.