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Effective People Skills

by Teresa Bulford-Cooper

Languages: English

Price (from): €3,248 / day

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About the trainer:

Author of “Ladies Let’s Get Going” #Ladiesletsgetgoing

I mentor and coach people starting their own business, specializing in helping ladies, giving them the confidence and seeing them through their journey. 

Having seen so many women in the business start and fail due to sheer lack of confidence, anxiety, imposter syndrome and overwhelm I want to reach out and let that lion within them out and hear that roar! Come on ladies ‘Let’s Get Going’

My new book launching this year "Ladies Let’s Get Going" is written specifically to help women starting in business but there are also lots of tips for already established business people and the gentlemen in there too!

'I attended the Women in Business course with Teresa and found it very inspiring. Lots of useful strategies I can use in my business, day to day and also within my own personal life. The venue is lovely and we were well cared for throughout the day which made it a focused and relaxed training session. Would highly recommend Teresa's courses.' PAULINE HAGGERTY


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Effective People Skills by Teresa Bulford-Cooper

About the training

#communication skills   #positive person   #build rapport   #interpret body language   #interpret words

These unique effective People Skills will show you cutting edge techniques and how to use them successfully and immediately in your business, in face to face communications, telephone, emails, and written correspondence, presentations, meetings, team briefings, etc.

Learning outcomes

Master Communication Skills

Learn to listen more effectively; Be able to connect and build rapport with people fast; Learn how to interpret body language more effectively and how to interpret eye movements; Learn to listen to the different tonality of voices and the ability to interpret words more effectively

Improve Attitude Skills

How to be a much more positive person; How to turn negative situations into positive situations; How to transform our everyday language to be more positive

Discover Belief Skills

Find what limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back; Learn how to change any limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs

Develop Team Dynamics

Learn how to understand the different qualities of people in your business and communicate more effectively with your team members and the public; Learn your preferred learning style


  • Effective people Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Attitude Skills

  • Belief Skills

  • Confidence Skills

  • Team Dynamics

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