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Bystander Training

by Toni Herndon

Languages: English

Price (from): €1 / day

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About the trainer:

Toni Herndon is an enthusiastic Training Guru for us who brings over 10 years of experience generating transformative possibilities for individuals and organizations.

Prior to joining Civility Partners Toni was lead faculty for Point Loma Nazarene University, interpretive training coordinator for San Diego Zoo Global, and founder of a small nonprofit that fostered leadership development in teens.

Additionally, she uses her many years of experience in small claims court meditation and life coaching to assist others in unlocking their full potential and positively influencing their interpersonal relations.
Toni holds a B.A. in International Security & Conflict Resolution from SDSU, an M.A. in Nonprofit Leadership & Management from USD, and an Ed.D. in Educational Practices/Leadership from UMSL.


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Bystander Training by Toni Herndon

About the training

The #MeToo movement has made it clear that harassment prevention training in and of itself is not enough to actually prevent harassment. There are reasons for that, a big one being that in many states the learning objectives were designed by lawmakers and thus the training is focused on the law rather than actual prevention measures.  In other words, harassment prevention training doesn’t prevent harassment unless people also learn tactics for speaking up at the moment to put a stop to unacceptable behaviors and unless managers learn tactics for coaching incivility and bullying before they escalate to harassment. This training provides the information your entire workforce needs to stand up for themselves and others, at the moment, in order to create a culture that does not tolerate incivility, bullying, or harassment.

Learning outcomes


discuss and describe negative behaviors beyond harassment and discrimination, including incivility and microaggressions


understand negative behaviors as a social phenomenon, and identify which roles they currently play in it


use a variety of communication strategies for intervening when witnessing incivility, bullying, harassment or discrimination


identify personal barriers to intervening (e.g., fear) and how to overcome them

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