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The fundamentals of Agile - How and why is Agile the answer to modern challenges, in IT and other industries ? HR, Leadership, Soft Skills, Project Management beginner

Alain (Master of Science in Business Engineer) has 20+ years experience in Financial Markets software development, in various roles : developer, analyst, scrum master, product owner and now Agile domain architect in large European Financial Institutions (FORTIS, AXA, DEXIA and ING). During our education in school, we are traditionally trained to learn hard skills (Math, IT, Finance) while soft skills are usually learned on the job and with experience. In mission critical projects, soft skills happen to make the difference. Over the years, Alain has come to realize that the right attitudes are a necessary condition for a project to succeed in an Agile world. With 10 years of practical experience with Agile / Scrum methodologies, Alain can share his views and advices and help you in your Agile journey. Discover Agile with someone who has experienced it from the inside...

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